General Artwork Guidelines

  • 3mm Bleed on all edges + 3mm safe zone. (40mm safe zone for banners)
  • No crop or trim marks
  • All fonts to be outlined
  • PDF is highly recommended; TIFF & JPEG is also accepted.
  • Artwork to be provided at 100% of the final size
  • File name to include finished size and quantity: “Print01 – 600x900mm – qty10”

Artwork Guidelines for white ink:

Our white ink uses a spot channel called "Spot1" (case sensitive)

  • Anything that's coloured with white ink needs to be on the TOP layer marked as "white ink"
  • All white ink fills need to have "over print fill - on"
  • All white ink fill and stroke need to have it's own swatches with the following settings:
    Swatch name: Spot1
    Colour type: Process Color
    Colour mode: CMYK
    Colours: Cyan: 100%, Magenta: 0%, Yellow, 100%, Black, 0% (not critical)

Artwork guidelines for Kiss Cut & Die cut products:

  • 3mm bleed around the cut path
  • Kiss cut path - place a Magenta stroke on a separate layer called “KissCut” (this goes around every sticker you want on the sheet)
  • Die path - place a Yellow stroke on a separate layer called “ThruCut”


Understanding Trim, Cut & Safe zones

Safe Zone – This is inside the trim area. This is where the most important parts of your design should be

Trim – This should be the final size of your design. Your artwork should always extend past the final size into the bleed to avoid any white lines when the product is cut to size.

Bleed – This part of your artwork that extends past your design. During the finishing process, this is what gets trimmed off allowing your artwork to have no white lines on coloured prints. We always specify to use 3mm bleeds.


Artwork Layout

This is how your print ready file should be (without the lines)

Artwork Layout

Artwork after print

This is how your artwork will appear after trimming

Artwork Final